"Working behind the next stitch" help

The instructions say, “working behind next st, k 2nd st and leave on needle, k next st, sl both sts off LH needle”

Does this mean you bypass the next stitch by going behind it to get to the 2nd stitch, of which you knit leaving it on the needle, then cross back over and knit the original first stitch??? Seems a little tangled up. Is there an easier way to describe what is supposed to be done for this?

Thank you :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much what you do, and it’s easier and less messy to do than it sounds.

Knit the 2nd st from the back instead of the front like you usually do, leave it on the needle then move the right needle tip around to knit the 1st st. The yarn stays in back of everything so it’s not in the way.