Working around a neckline

Hello, I have started to work on a neckline picking up some stitches from the shoulder and would really appreciate some advice.
I am now at the point where I left some stitches on a safety needle and I need to knit them individually.
In total, I have to get back 74 stitches on my needle. I currently have 13 stitches on a safety needle at the front and 37 stitches on another safety needle at the back of the jumper. I calculated a total of 24 stitches to pick up (with 12 on both sides).
Some of the stitches on my needles are yarn over. Do I have to knit them individually as if they were normal stitches?
The neck should be done with a ribbing stitch.
Thank you for your help!

The sts will be picked up as knit sts and then worked in rib on the next row. The yarn over probably count as sts, making up either the 37 on the back or 13 on the front holders. You could knit a plain row across the front held sts before picking up sts then do the same on the back.
Alternatively you could pick up a stitch in each of the yarn overs but instead of picking up into the front of the yarn over, pick up into the back of the loop. This will close up the loop so that it won’t appear as a gap before the ribbing.

What is the name of your pattern?

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Thank you for your advice, much appreciated :+1: I looked on how to knit the yarn over from the back. Is it called a twisted yarn over?
I think the pattern is called pebble beach, perfect for the summer evenings :blush:

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Yes, it would be a twisted yarn over. You’re knitting into the back of the loop.
Maybe this one:

Thank you, it is very useful :+1: I love the jumper you sent on the picture too!
I am attaching a picture of the one I am working on.

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Oh, very nice and as you say, perfect for summer evenings.
It’s a little difficult to tell but it looks as though sts are just knit across the yarn overs without twisting them.
You could try both on a swatch and see if one looks better to you.
Enjoy finishing up and wearing this top.


I have picked up the stitches and started around the neck doing a ribbing stitch (1x1) but it seems it is quite open (I have just finished knitting row 4). I have already dropped from a 4.5 needle to a 4mm and tried to purl picking up the back leg of the stitches. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

It looks quite nice. The number of sts looks good otherwise you could decrease on the row after the pick up of sts. I don’t think I’d do this. I’d be more inclined to drop down another needle size if you want to tighten up the neckband.
However, since you’ve come this far it may be worth either moving the sts to waste yarn or binding off leaving the yarn ball still attached. That way you can check to make sure it’s comfortable to fit your head through the opening and that the neckband sits as you wanted.

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