Working across previously knitted piece

I am a beginner making a baby bonnet and have 2 ear flaps now complete and on spare needles. I now have to make the main bonnet by adding in the ear flaps to the work by:

“Cast on 10 sts. With RS of the work facing you Moss Stitch across the 13 sts of the Left ear flap. Cast on 29 sts, then with RS of work facing you Moss Stitch across 13 sts of Right Ear Flap. Cast on 10 sts. You will now have 75 sts on the needle.”

Im stuck! Please help! How do I Moss Stitch ACROSS the ear flaps?

Please help me! I was doing so well until now!


[color=indigo] :teehee: I gave you an answer in the other place you posted this question.[/color] :teehee: