Working a cable in a second colour, in the round

I can’t decide my next project and keep pondering various options. This is one of many

This sweater has a cable running down the inside of the sleeve. It’s knit in the round.
I’m looking for thoughts as to whether it’s possible to work that cable in a second colour?

The chart for the panel is 9 stitches wide (chart on link above if anyone wants to look) but the actual cable is only 5 wide with purl background. Would it be feasible to carry main colour across (behind) the cable and have a small ball of colour 2 to work the cable stitches?
I’m thinking that the colour 2 yarn gets dropped whilst the rest of the round is worked then floated backwards to the first of the cable stitches, used for the 5 stitch cable, and dropped again? It would have to float 5 stitches backwards.

Is this doable? Or completely ridiculous?

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Very pretty sweater. You might be able to work the cable in a different color but be sure to twist the two colors when you change. If you don’t mind putting a seam somewhere near the cable, knitting flat would make it easier. And of course you can do short rows to work it just as you would intarsia in the round.

Thank you.
I would prefer to work flat, it’s more in my comfort zone but I think changing a pattern from in the round to flat is beyond my knowledge level. This is why I keep changing my mind what to make.

There is another way to do intarsia “in the round” (not really, as you have to purl back to do it, but it creates a tube).

Here’s a demo:

I haven’t really done this properly yet. Am working up to it!

I think (don’t quote me) that you need one ball of yarn for the motif and two balls of yarn for the background colour. It seems quite manageable for a single intarsia motif as you are considering.

Should be fun!


Wow, that’s pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing.

It would be a lot of new and different things for me all at once, not sure I am capable! I have never worked a sleeve in the round yet and to do the turn for this method I’d have to take into account the sleeve inc/dec on the WS plus the cable pattern on the WS…I think for me it could be a few too many things to figure out and remember.
…unless all the cable bits were on the RS and the WS was just pulled across…hmm… you’ve got me thinking.

OK, I’ll continue to ponder this.
Thanks again, it always amazes me the methods and patterns that have been invented.

I agree about doing lots of new things at once … my brain can’t cope! I tried (and failed) to learn this method on a sock (tiny stitches) while doing stripes. What was I thinking!

I will choose something simple in thicker wool, like a hat, to learn it on.

Have you started your sweater yet?

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Starting kn a heavier yarn sounds like a good idea.

No I haven’t started yet. I usually have my next project planned before I finish the last one but then frequently change my mind.
I’m swatching various ideas. Projects like this sweater are still contenders, along with others.