Work WS but not ON ws?

My pattern says to knit the ws but since I’m not on the WS I’d have to remove and reinsert my needle to do that. Is that what I should do?

I’m at the very end of a bootie pattern from KnitSimple magazine. I’ve been doing well until now. I think the pattern may want me to do that so I end up at a certain point on the bootie to finish the strap which is the last knitting before the finishing. I’m a newbie so this idea of flipping my needle around seems weird. Is this a normal thing??

I guess I could just try it and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:


You are probably “missing” a row… I think if you were supposed to take the stitches of the needles it would tell you. I have never made anything that you made a switch like that.

If you took your needle out and re inserted it the yarn would be at the end of your needle not at the top so no, I wouldn’t do that. Debbie is right. You probably missed a row. If it’s a simple wrong side is purl and knit side is knits I would just add the extra row as keeping with the pattern untill you get yourself to the point you need to be. If you need more help you can post the pattern and I’m sure we can get you on your way!

Do you have a link to the pattern so we can see what you’re being told? Or can you copy that part of the pattern, including the instructions just prior to that? It would help us if we could see what you’re being told.

Thanks for your quick replies. I could very well have missed a row.

I just finished “Work 1 row over these last 9 stitches. (these sts form the top edge of one side of the bootie) Bind off. Work center 3 stitches for 18 rows. (this is the tongue). Bind off.”

At this point I have a nearly finished bootie that just needs the edges sewn together and a strap to come across and button on the other side. Except the other top edge is still on my needle.

Then the part I’m confused about and haven’t done yet says “Join yarn to work rem st on needle from WS. Cast on 11 stitches for ankle strap, wk rem 9 sts. K 3 rows over these 20 stitches. Bind off.”

I guess this is probably not the best pattern in the world. It doesn’t explain how to get a left and right bootie out of the same pattern. It’s all in garter stitch so maybe you just sew them up differently?

Maybe this calls for a trip to the LYS for help.

I think what they’re saying is that when you work these stitches, you’ll be using the strand of yarn from casting on the 11 stitches, so you can have the ws facing you.

Cast on the 11 stitches to your right-hand needle, then work the 9 stitches from the left needle.


Thanks! :woohoo: That was it! I basically didn’t join at all, I just cast on 11 then worked the stitches in question and it all went well. :cheering:

Now I just need some finishing lessons. My seams look terrible. :think: