Work with waste wool..


I am teaching myself to knit at age 66 lol. Pattern is for a teddy bear. I was doing ok but then it said:
P12 MC…purl 9 stitches in waste yarn for arm then transfer these 9 stitches back to left needle and purl again in working yarn.
Ok i understand P12 MC…but what waste yarn? I don’t understand. I don’t have any different yarn. Should it be the same colour as the MC?


Welcome to KH!
Good for you for teaching yourself to knit. There are lots of good resources here and online.
These 9sts should be purled onto waste or scrap yarn of a different color. It’ll make it easier to identify and take out later. It’s like an afterthought thumb on a mitten. See if the video helps. Of course, you’ll be purling according to your pattern but the idea is similar.


Thank you so much!