Work the first of the 2 rows again

I’m working on the knitting of Debbie Bliss’s Sandals. There is one sentence: Rep the last 2 rows 7 times more, then work the first of the 2 rows again. What does it mean?

I’m not sure. I’ve seen patterns tell you to work some pattern stitch over so many rows, say 6. Then it may say to work the whole pattern 7 times then the first two rows of the 6 row repeat one more time.

If you are quoting correctly perhaps what you have is a pattern over some number of stitches and you have worked it so many times then the last 2 rows of the pattern stitch are to be repeated 7 times then go back and work the first two rows of the pattern stitch once more.

Could it be either of these situations?

the pattern just have 3 rows, the first part of the sentence i understand…i just dont understand the last part of the sentence…the first of the 2 rows… this book really very difficult to understand…

Repeat rows 2 and 3 of the pattern 7 times and then work row 2 of the pattern.

Do just the last 2 rows 7 more times, then do only the first one. That should leave you in the right place to do the next instructions.

it works!!! thanks very much!!!:muah:

another thing, if it says “pick up and k15 sts along side edge of strap”, does it means pick up 15 sts first then knitt that 15 sts or pick up 1 st and k 1 st until it becomes 15 sts?

Pick up 15 sts along the side of the strap. There’s a video if you have a question about how to, there one on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page under Tips.

If you look at the video, you’re picking up and knitting the sts at the same time. Insert the R needle into the edge (pick up) then wrap the yarn around it and pull through (knit).

thx very much for helping!!! :muah:

sorry, one more question… how to slip stitch cast-off edge…? all the sts had already cast off…

It may mean to do a crochet slip st along the edge. See if there’s a crochet hook mentioned in the materials list.

no, it didnt mention. In the book, it just says, Fold front strap over ankle strap and slip stitch cast-off edge in place.

Okay, you can just sew the edges together, or slip st with a crochet hook. That’s kind of like picking up a st but also binding it off as you go instead of leaving the st on the R needle, if you want to try that.