Work sts as they present

I’m not sure what “All even rows: work sts as they present.” means. I understand the cable stitches (C2B and C2F). Here’s the layout:

12-Stitch Cable Repeat: (12 stitches and 8 rows)

Row 1: P2, K8, P2
All even rows: work sts as they present
Row 3: P2 C2B, C2F, P2
Row 5: repeat row 1
Row 7: repeat row 1

Hi Packer, Welcome to KH.
Even rows refer to row numbers 2,4,6,8 and so on. Work sts as they present means you look at each stitch and knit the knit sts, the one’s that look like V’s and purl the purl sts or the one’s that look like bumps.
Hoping this helps, enjoy your knitting :smiley:

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Thank you notknittingknots for your reply. This seems so simple now that you have clarified this for me. I’m just learning the knitting language so I appreciate your support.


I find that ambiguous too. Sometimes I think it could depend if you’re working in stockinette or garter and I want the designer to be more explicit. But it has always turned out as explained here.

Thank you for your supporting comment.