Work stitches as they lay?

After much pondering, I have figured out how do work stitches as they lay, but I am still stuck on how to work yarn over stitches.

For example, if the pattern says (RS): k12, yo, p2, yo, k3…

and says that on the WR rows, you work the stitches as they lay (ie. purl the knit stitches and knit the purl stitches), what do you do with the yarn overs? Knit or purl???


p.s. the pattern is the Calla tank from

If I’m seeing this correctly in my head I believe the YO will have a leading leg in the direction to indicate knit or purl. See Amy’s video showing the difference between the YO for knit and the YO for purl.

Try doing it on a swatch and see how it looks.

best of luck


It also depends on the pattern. Very often they are knit or purled to match the one in the middle.

Another thing to look at is what you do on the next right side row with those stitches.