"Work short row over border"?

Hello, I’m a newbie trying to read a pattern (Red Heart Afgan # J27.0004-6K), and I don’t understand one step.

Between Row 4 and Row 5, is the line:
Next Row: Work short row over border sts only: K5; Turn; K5.

I’ve looked up the definition of short rows, and I understand their purpose and how to do them, but I can’t figure out how to follow these directions, or what the final result should be.

Explicit translation for a tyro would be much appreciated!

They are just telling you that you will be working a short rows here.

Simply K5, turn work, K5 and you are back to the “start” of the usual row.

I have no idea what that pattern looks like…couldn’t find it with those numbers. If the border is garter stitch they may be trying to even it out the stitch length with whatever is the main stitch. I’ve done short rows every 10 rows or so on a garter stitch border on baby sweaters so the edge doesn’t curve or curl.

Essentially you’re adding an extra row over these 5sts of the border. What are the next directions for the border?

Ah, I see the instructions are the short row, that makes sense.
The pattern is an afghan with a 5 stitch border, and apparently the short row keeps the border the same length as the middle (which has yo’s).

Thank you, I’m glad I found a friendly forum to help out!