Work rows as set?

Good Morning and Happy New Year All,

I’m so excited that I found this forum. I must first say that I’m more of a crocheter, but do occasionally knit also. And, right now I’m perplexed over what appears to be pretty simple instructions:

[COLOR=“Purple”]Work 3 rows as set.[/COLOR]

I’ll go back just a bit. I’m knitting a snow/ski hat and I’ve made it over half way through the project. This is the last instructions that I believe I completed correctly:

Shape Crown
Next row (dec): K1, (k4, P2tog) 15 times, k1. (77 sts)

Then it says: [COLOR=“Purple”]Work 3 rows as set.[/COLOR]

And, what I did for the next 3 rows was to continue to repeat the Shape Crown Row. But, after I’d finished I realized that I had no where near 77 stitches now. So, it appears that isn’t what I was supposed to do. LOL


You’re decreasing each row so you won’t have the same stitch count after 3 more rows.

Hi suzeeq,

Thank you for your reply. Here’s the thing. . . then, the next row (which would be after I ‘worked 3 rows as set’ says:

Next row (dec): K1, *K1, K2tog, K1, P1) 15 times K1. (62 stitches).

I’d have to go back and count, but from my first count I only had like 42 stitches on my needle.

I’m thinking that maybe they are saying, when they say ‘work 3 rows as set’ that after I turn I should just following what’s now on my needles except in reverse. Then the 2 row I would following in the forward position, and the final 3 row would again be in reverse.

Oh, now I know I’m completely confusing everyone.

I think I’m going to have to rip out 3 rows - wait a minute that’s a crochet term. LOL

Thanks, suzeeq. By the way, I lived in Wyoming for 32 years. Am retired now and moved to the warmer temps of Texas. But, still have a son who lives in Riverton.

Okay, in that case I think they meant `work 3 rows even’ - do 3 rows without any decs, then do the next dec row. Yeah, you’ll have to unravel those 3 rows.

I’m in Casper, and as you’re well aware, about now the whole state looks like the inside of an icebox. Well, sometimes with blue sky and sun.

Thanks, Sue.

I suppose I knew what I had to do, and just didn’t like that idea. I’m not that great at going back. I tend to lose stitches and I’m also not that great at picking them back up.

I’ve been known to take it back to the last row one stitch at a time, and all the while placing everything onto a smaller needle. And, God forbid I lose a stitch several rows down…well, that’s pretty much the end of that project!

Really I can knit, but if I get into trouble I don’t always have someone to bail me out.

Maybe I just need to stick to crochet?!?

I worked for the Transportation Department in Wyoming for 27 years. Casper wasn’t in my District because I was in Rock Springs and then later I transferred to Afton, WY, but I knew several people in Casper. Wonderful people in Wyoming.:heart:

Have a GREAT New Year and stay warm!