Work Row Even?!?!?!

Hey so Im rather new to knitting pattrens… I am use to just sitting there with family and them telling me what to do next and now I am trying to make a sweater and I have ablsoutley no clue what “Work 5 rows even” could possably mean. I have figured out what most of these abreviations mean but this isnt very self-explainatory. If anyone could explain it, that would be amazing. Its becomming very fustrating, I really thought if I googled it, something would come up… but to no avail.

Thanks guys

Tonia “Flash” Ro

It means to work them (in pattern, knit, purl) without any increases or decreases you might have just done. Keep the number of stitches `even’ - the same.


Thank you so much, I couldnt figure it out to save my life lol… now to figure out the rest of this pattren lol.

Tonia “Flash” Ro