Work one row purl turning row?

Can someone please explain what this means?

CO 62 st with CC. Work 8 rows stockinette[B]. Work one purl turning row[/B]. Work 8 rows seed stitch. Work one row purl.

Also, am I right to assume that “pm” means “put marker”?

Thanks a million!

Atfer casting on the 62 stitches with the contrasting color(CC), work 8 rows in stockinentte. Work 1 purl turning row. Then work 8 seed stitch rows. The purl one turning row will be the 9th row of stitches. Instead of knitting it, you purl it to make a ridge that allows the knitted area to be turned under like a hem on a sleeve or dress.Then after you have purled the row, you knit 8 rows using the seed stitch. I hope this explains it clearly for you.

Also, am I right to assume that “pm” means “put marker”?

Or place marker. If questions regarding terms, you can always check the GLOSSARY (tab above).


Thank you, thank you!!