Work Even?

Hi everyone, I am knitting a long vest and I am on a decrease Row. At the end of the instructions it says “work even for 5inches” What doesthat mean? Thanks

That means to just knit the pattern stitch with no increases or decreases. If the garment is plain stockinette then you just continue that for 5 inches.

Okay so I was working rows 1 and 2 of my pattern before this decrease row. So i go back to repeating rows 1 and 2 for 5 inches? Oh the pattern is Seed stitch, forgot to mention that. Thank you!

If the dec was on what would be row 1 of the pattern, then do row 2 next, and row 1 again without the decrease, then row 2, and so on.

Work each stitch as you have to to keep the seed stitch going correctly.

Okay got it thanks so much!