Work even

I am a beginner and have some questions. What does it mean when it says work even.

When it says that you are to work even, it is usually following an increase or decrease section. To work even means that you will work in the same stitch pattern you have been, but with NO increases or decreases. You stitch count will remain the same when working even.

Thanks. It also says to work across 26 stitches (regarding shaping the neck). Does it mean to just knit. I am making a sweater and I have been alternating of pattern of 6 rows reverse stitch and 6 rows of St st up until this point.

Unless it tells you otherwise, you will keep going in whatever stitch pattern you’ve been using. So if you’re on a stockinette stitch row when it tells you to work across 26 stitches, do that, and if you’re on a reverse stockinette stitch, do that.

I am making a doll sweater and it says to attach the shoulders by binding off and using three needles. How do I do this? Jan

Check out the video on Three Needle Bind Off, it’s at the end of the page:

Good luck!