Work even rows

As per the attached (I hope you can see it), what does the “work even row” mean. Please be specific as I’m self taught and only been knitting for 6 months.

Thank you in advance for your assistanc .

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Work even means to work the rows as you have been doing but without any increases or decreases.

Thanks. So do you mean just knit through the SK2P?

Sorry, do I knit all the “work even” rows, or K then purl?

Welcome to KH. Work even means to continue knitting as you have been in whatever pattern without increasing or decreasing. The stitch count doesn’t change. HTH

I’m really sorry to be so dense, but as per my pattern attached above, if I understand, do I just knit one row and purl the next? Or do I follow the Chevron pattern in the upper left corner? I just took up knitting 6 months ago for my mental health, and this is driving me strange ®. Lol
Thank you in advanc .

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Is there a photo anywhere of what this is supposed to look like? I do think it means carry on in the chevron pattern, but you can’t always know for certain! A picture would provide a good clue, however.

It’s a good question and the name of the pattern will help. When you knit even, continue to follow the Chevron pattern and the SK2P but don’t work the extra decreases that are in the Dec row.
The SK2P is part of the Chevron pattern. The k2tog and SKP are the extra decreases. Knit these sts on the even rows, purl on the odd rows.

K1, (k1, M1, k4, k2tog, SK2P, SKP, k4, M1, k2, M1, k6, SK2P, k6, M1, k1)

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Thank you so much.

Thank . Everyone is so kind and helpful.

Very pretty and worth working through.

I noticed a correction on the Ravelry comments for some sizes. Your pattern may already have had these corrections made:
Sizes X-Small (Medium, XL) are correct.
Sizes Small (Large, 2X) Only - on each Dec Row 8 (10, 12) sts will be decreased:
Dec Row 1 (RS) K1, k1, M1, k4, k2tog, SK2P, SKP, k4, M1, k2, M1, k6, SK2P, k6, M1, k1 4 (5, 6) times, k1 – 130 (162,
194) sts rem. Work 15 rows even.
Dec Row 2 (RS) K1, k1, M1, k5, SK2P, k5, M1, k2, M1, k4, k2tog, SK2P, SKP, k4, M1, k1 4 (5, 6) times, k1 – 122 (152,
182) sts rem. Work 7 rows even.

This would be a delight to see when you finish.

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Thank you for the photo! As Salmonmac says, you carry on with the chevron pattern without shaping. Hope to see another photo when you’re done!

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So I still do the M1 stitch because the SK2P counters the M1 increase?

Yes, the SK2P is part of the basic lace pattern. Continue to work the SK2P. The M1 increases balance out the SK2P and so the stitch count remains the same in the body of the pattern.

The k2tog and the SKP are the real decreases in this row. When you work even, leave out only these decreases. Keep the pattern of SK2P in line even though the number of sts on either side will change after the decrease row.

Thank you EVERYONE. I hope it works. I’m using a thicker yarn, so I hope it still falls properly. If not, I’ll find something else and post.

You’ve am been so helpful and now I know I can come here for help BEFORE the frustration sets in.

Take care and stay safe.


I’m baaack… So now I’m having a math problem with gauge vs width vs cast on#.

So gauge says 16st x 4". OK. So as per the diagram I want Large which is 23" hemline. The pattern is multiples of 17+2. So that would mean, cast on 104 sts. 6 x 17+2 = 104. BUT for the Large size it says cast on 172sts, which is 10 x 17+2. With the math, that would be 40" width at hemline??? What an I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

Twenty-three inches looks like the width at the underarms for the front. The number obscured by the arrow is the width at the hem, probably about 43" across the front.

OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! I was thinking those lower numbers were cm!!! Thanks so muc . I’m blind but not crazy!!!