Work even in stockinette stitch

I am knitting a seamless yoked baby sweater and have made it to row 30. It says work even in stockinette stitch for 6 rows. However, when I do this, there is a purl on the knit side and a knit on the purl side, etc. The picture of the sweater does not show this, it shows knit on the right side, etc. I would have to do stockinette starting with a purl row. Is this correct? Appreciate any help… thanks.

When a pattern says to work even in st. st. it means to continue as your stockinette [I]has been established up to that point[/I]. So if row 30 was a knit, then start the first of the next 6 rows with a purl (or vice versa).

Stockinette st doesn’t always have to start with the knit row, you can begin, or continue, on the purl side. It’s just alternating the knit and purl rows.