"work even" help

I’m working a very confusing pattern…I’m not a new knitter but I’m not used to “work even” either. I know it means to continue in the pattern but with a sweater where the base pattern includes raglan seams and a front cable…would you “work even” by continuing the lines of p1, k2, p1, 4-st RC, 22 sts from chart, p1, k2, p1? or do you leave the Left and Right crosses cables out?
After 2 rounds like the one above and 2 knit even rounds it says this:
“These last 4 rounds have set up the patterns for the 4-st RC cable. cont to work M1 incs as established on each piece as foll: for front and back - inc 1 st at each armhole edge on next round and every other round 19 times more; for each sleeve - inc 1 st at each armhole edge on next round and every other round 17 times more, every 4 times”

I’m not sure how to continue following the above pattern, please help?
Thank you!

Well yes, you continue in the pattern as given on the set up rows and using the corresponding rows on the chart. The new increased stitches can be knit in stockinette or p1, k2, p1 until you have enough to make the cable pattern. The 4 st cables would be done in stockinette anway and would cross every 4 or 6 rows.

Knit even means to continue the pattern, including the cable rows without any increases or decreases. Usually there aren’t cable [I]crosses[/I] on every row for a 4st cable so although you continue the knit or purl pattern, you probably won’t be crossing the sts on these knit even rows. Accoding to the next directions you follow the placement of the cable etc as set with the addition of the increases.