Work even for 21 rows

What does it mean when the pattern says Work even for 21 rows…

the WS (wrong side) appears to be straight knit (placing markers)
*the RS (right side) is as series of ssk before a marker and k2tog after the marker

then is says to work even for 21 rows - immediately followed by a separate line saying Repeat from * 4 times - 181 sts remain after last repeat.

Wha! :shrug:

Work even means to not do the decs for 21 rows; then do a row of decs, followed by 21 rows without the decs, another row of decs, repeating until you have 181 sts.


Here I go, pulling out 3 rows of knitting. I glad I only knitted 3 rows before stopping and posting my question! Thank you! :notworthy: