Work each piece separately-knit

Working in the round from bottom baby sweater. Cast off 4 sts (2 at each side of markers) for armholes and work each part separately. Mandarin Baby pattern. Then I am suppose to work the back, the each side. Do I put the parts on holders? Tie off and add yarn (I ended on the RS left)? It must be a simple solution but I do not understand. THanks.

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Yes, put the sections that you’re not working on holders. You can use scrap yarn for this or a store bought holder.
If you have another ball of yarn then you can leave the working yarn attached to the left front. You’ll need it eventually. Attach a new strand of yarn to the back and start knitting with it. Leave about a 6 inch tail to weave in later. The first stitch or two may be loose but you can always snug it up later by pulling the yarn tails.
maybe this one?

Thank you so much. That is what I thought I should do, but the pattern “assumed” I understood this with no indication of putting the stitches on a holder. Onward!!! :hugs:

It was the Mandarin Baby Book 1107, theme 3 jacket with hood in lower left corner of the photo. I have completed several patterns in this book, but none with this particular method. Jacket w hood

Darling! Thanks for the photo and information.