Work color change in small item

I am sorry to post another question so soon but I am to the part where you start making the hearts and the way I am doing it seems to be taking me forever to complete a row because when I get to a color change I twist the yarn drop old color and pick up new color.
Could someone please tell me the correct way to work a color change. I would like to have as little ends to weave in as possible. Or is it better that each color change has its own ball of yarn. Thanks so much for your time and help.
Here is the pattern I am working on:

This is the perfect project to use stranded color work with. See Amy’s video for the best way to work this. Go to the Advanced Technique tab above, then scroll down to the section about knitting with two colors at the same time and click on the video for Stranding Technique.

Basically, you move through the rows with two colors carrying both colors in your hands. Amy shows you a couple of ways to achieve this. The easiest is if you carry one color in one hand and the other in the other.

The other way you describe is intarsia. That would require a separate little ball of yarn for each heart – possible, but unwieldy.

Good luck.

thanks, I will try that way. but for me it may take me sometime to learn since I taught myself how to knit and I don’t think I hold my needles the correct way.

ok I tried Amy’s method ( one of them anyway) and she makes it look so easy. I have no problem holding the pink yarn in my right hand but when it comes to the white yarn and the left hand, that gets me,
When I go to knit holding the white yarn in my left hand it always gets away from me and the stitch come out too loose or either too tight.
My preferred method os holding both colors in one hand but when I tried that I couldn’t seem to get any tention with the second color. I really would like to make this hat so I am posting again for some more tips and advice. When holing both colors in one hand , should they both be wrapped around the pinky finger for tension?