Work both sides of 'divide for neck' at once?

I have yarn on order for my next project and have been impatiently looking at the pattern in anticipation.
It honestly took too long to choose a pattern and work out which yarn to sub with.

Sirdar 8133 top

I’m thinking of working both sides of the neck at once with 2 yarn balls (still dividing ovbiously). I think this might help me read the pattern as it materialises and keep things even.
Most of this pattern is simple st st but the neck will be the hardest pattern I’ve followed to date.

What do you think? Is this a thing other people do or is it unwise?

I’ve done 2 sleeves at once before and liked that I could keep them even and the same as I knitted.

Lovely pattern! It’s fine to work the two sides of the neck at the same time. As you say, it keeps the shaping the same on both shoulders. The only caveat is to either finish a row after working both shoulders or be sure to mark where to start if you put your knitting down between the two shoulders.
Have fun knitting this top.

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Oh great tip! Yes - must make sure to do both equally!

Just pondering the design.
I don’t know if I’m going to put the sleeves on or leave them off, I’ll see how it looks when I get there.

I’d like less of a rib at the bottom, or none.
I’ve got another pattern i just bought which has 2 rows of garter on the bottom edge instead of rib and I like how the shape looks without the deeper band.
If I reduced or eliminated the ribbing on this would I need to do a lot of calculating and measuring to get the stitch count right?
I don’t want the overall length shorter (if anything I might make it a bit longer) but maybe replace some/all th rib with stocking stitch??
If it’s too hard I’m not doing it haha :joy: