Work across n another question DESPERATE for help!

Please could you help me???

I am knitting a round neck cardigan for my daughter and am stuck on the following. It is the shaping the neck part of the front left whilst shaping raglan armholes.

work across the firt 5 sts and slip them onto a safety pin.
pattern to end (i know this bit)
dec 1st at neck edge on the next anf every following alternate row.(would i do this by k or P2 tog or by sl1 k or p1, k or p1, psso???)

Thanks a million in advance for any and all help you can give me! :muah:


It’s not absolutely critical, since I imagine that you’ll be picking up stitches for the collar edge, but it looks like you’re working the decrease on the left side on the purl side of the sweater, correct?

In that case you could work a ssp for a left leaning decrease.

On the right side of the sweater, you’d want a right leaning decrease and would work it on the knit edge at the end of the row, so a k2tog would work there.

It is my opinion if you are going to pick up stiches for the neck, do your decreases 1 or 2 stiches in to make a smooth and neat pick up for the neckline.

Thank you both soooo much. I can get cracking again now:woohoo: