Work 8 sts in each wrap 1?

I found the video to explain w1, turn but can anyone explain what this means: "work 16 rows working 8 sts more in each wrap1 on next and every foll alt row"
Its the 8 sts more in each wrap that I don’t understand.
from Sirdar - Persia Chunky pattern

wl is the equivalent of a yarn over. To work 8 sts into the yo, you can k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,yo into the same st or you can k1, p1,k1, p1, etc. into the yo. The first part of this video shows you the k1,yo,k1in one st. You would just continue until there’s 8sts. Do it loosely so that you can get that many sts from the yo.
Then do you knit or purl the increased sts on the next row? Is there a Sirdar pattern number?

thanks…after the “work 16 rows working 8 sts more in each wrap1 on next and every foll alt row” the next row is “rib across all sts to the end”

This was for the right front collar. On the instructions for the left front collar it says" work 16 rows working 8 sts more before each wrap 1 on next and following alt rows".

Do you think the right side instructions might be a typo? and the “in” should be “before” ??? I found another typo in this pattern.
It’s SIRDAR #9182

Aha, that may well be it. The “working 8sts [I]in[/I]” is going to expand the number of sts very quickly. “Working 8sts [I]before[/I]” won’t do that and that may well be the correct direction. I looked for errata on this pattern on the website and in general online but didn’t find anything. You could try an email to Sirdar ( but your interpretation makes sense to me.

thanks…I sent them a message this pm and will let you know the outcome. It’s pretty frustrating for a new knitter like me, to come across errors on a pattern because my initial thought is that it’s just something I don’t know how to do…oh well, live & learn!

I had also sent an email to Sirdar and they confirm your suggestion:
"For the shawl collar you will work 8sts more in each wrap row before you work the wrap 1. It should have been worded consistantly.Working 8sts more is not increasing at all. It is merely moving down the work a further 8sts as you have just been working.Therefore the next row will be (smallest size)
rib 19 wrap 1 turn
next row rib
next row rib 27 wrap 1 turn
next row rib
next row rib 35 wrap 1 turn … and so on until the 16 rows have been worked."
Much clearer this way. Enjoy knitting the rest of the collar!

I also got a reply - it was a mistake . 2 mistakes in one pattern - does that happen often?
To clarify, when you wrap 1 and turn, you then rib to the end of the row (the “turned row” ) then start at the beginning of the next row to do the row of ribs … s o that it increases the width of part of the collar?
Thanks for all your help !! Really appreciate it.

Yes, patterns can have more than one error in them. Sometimes it stems from the original error - subsequent rows may not be corrected to agree with the first correction - or they may be in a different part of the pattern.

Happy that you got the help you needed on this.

You’re doing short rows and they are meant to shape the collar so that it will lie nicely and not curl or pull.