Work 24 sts in pattern?

I am making the Mosey legwarmers off of Knitty.

The first part was 2x2 rib for three inches which I have complete.

The next part says- [B]work 24 sts in pattern, k2tog, yo, p2, yo, k2tog, continue in pattern to end.[/B]Continue in 2x2 rib until work measures 9 inches.

The oart in bold is what I have a question about.

Do I rib for 24 sts as I have been doing, then do the k2tog, yo. . .? or do I immediately start with the k2tog all the way through the row?

I guess I am not sure what “work 24 sts in pattern” means.

I cast on 76 sts to start.


You first do k2, p2 over 24 sts (not 24 ribs), then k2tog, yo, p2, yo k2tog, then p2, k2 till the end.

Thanks so much. It just didn’t seem too clear to me. You are my knit hero! I can keep working.