Work 2 tog?

Hello again everyone! :waving:
I am working on a pattern from Simply Knitting Magazine #49. I am making a size small. The previous row is a right side 2x2 ribbing (p2, k2) the next row is where i am having problems; it says:

([COLOR=red]WORK 2 tog)[/COLOR][COLOR=black]1 (1:1:0) times, rib 9 (3:8:14), [COLOR=red](m1, rib9) 0[/COLOR] (1:1:1)times, (m1, rib 10) twice, M1, rib 4(3:4:4), (work 2 tog) 0 (1:0:0)times 37 (41:46:51) sts.[/COLOR]

Ok so questions…What the heck is work 2 together? Is it k2tog, or p2tog? Or is it ssk?
next when it says [COLOR=#ff0000](m1, rib9) 0 [COLOR=black]and[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red](work 2 tog) 0[/COLOR] does that mean I just skip this?[/COLOR] [/COLOR]
thanks in advance to anyone and everyone!

It might be nice if it says somewhere in the pattern itself or in the magazine what they mean by “work 2 tog”. But if they don’t to me it would mean to do a decrease however it seems sensible to do one in the situation (this may be why it doesn’t say specifically k2tog or p2tog— it could fall in different places for different sizes and it was too complicated to give exact directions for each size). You are working across a 2X2 ribbing and if the next 2 stitches are purls you might p2tog. If they are knits you might k2tog. If it falls on a combination of knit and purl in either order, pick the one that seems to look best. As you pointed out there are other options for the decrease and maybe one of those could look best. Do a little experimenting.

I have seen patterns increase after a ribbing and maybe I’ve seen some that decrease after a ribbing but this is a little unusual in that it does both. :?? :slight_smile: I don’t know why, but there is probably some reason why this gives the best result for the next row or section. If they don’t tell you exactly what they had in mind somewhere you may have to try a few things and see what looks best as you go on. At least it doesn’t sound like you have a lot of stitches going yet. :slight_smile:

Yes, if your size has do something 0 times you just skip that part and move on to the next direction.

It means to either k2tog or p2tog; it depends where you are in the rib pattern because different sizes may start with the knit sts and others with the purl sts. To ‘rib 9’ means to work 9 [I]sts[/I] in the rib pattern, not 9 columns of rib. When a pattern says to do something zero times for your size, yes, just skip it an go to the next instruction.