Work 2 sts Tubular Knitting and

The directions say, "beginning at right edge of center front, work 2 sts Tubular Knitting and 7 sts 1/1 Ribbing for Front Band."I just can’t seem to find any instructions on how to do this “Tubular Knitting.” I have knit this vest pattern before but ignored these instructions and instead just did seed stitch for the 9 st border of this vest. It worked fine but “curious minds want to know!” Now I want to make another and want to do the tubular knitting. What is it? The pattern is at least 10 years old and probably out of print. I don’t even know the source of the pattern. When I “googled” this term, all I got was knitting on circular needles. Any one have a clue?

Could it be like an icord?

Is it possibly referring to a tubular cast-on?

Can you post the relevant lines from the pattern?

That’s a great suggestion, however, I think it means something else as the pattern reads "BACK: "Cast on 102 sts and work 2 rows Garter St, then work as follows: beginning at right edge (center Front) work 2 sts Tubular Knitting and 7 sts 1/1 Ribbing for Front Band; 47 sts Pattern St, ending right side rows on 13th st and beg. alternate rows on same st… Quite a puzzle!

It might look something like an icord but why not just say that instead of the reference to “Tubular sts”! Thanks!

What would 2 stitches of i-cord be at the beginning of the row? Is it at the beginning of every row on the opening side of the vest? Could it be some kind of applied i-cord? Does the vest look like it has that? If it is a real old pattern they could have different terms for things and not tell you how to do it because everybody knows. ‘scratching head’. Hummm

Any way you could scan the picture and post it?