Work 1 row even... differently

at the begining my patter says to:

work 6 rows in seed st, then begin working in st st.

[COLOR=“Red”]when peice measures 5 1/2 [6 1/2]" (14 [16.5] cm) from cas on edge, ending with a WS row, work dec as follows: *K 2, k2tog; repeat from *across - 27 [30] sts.[/COLOR]

then it says to work 1 row even.

the part thats in red i get, but am i suppost to work 1 row even in seed st, st st., or what?

I would probably work the one row even in stocking stitch. One row of stocking stitch is not going to make it look bad since that’s what you were just knitting.

Working even means to work a row in the pattern you’ve established without decreasing or increasing - keeping the number of stitches the same, or even.