Words every mother loves to hear

My son and I were knitting together last night and it was getting late so I said to him “time to get ready for bed” and he said “just one more row”

My heart was so full of love and pride I almost cried. :heart: My baby is a knitter!!! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: How proud you must be :wink:

sniff He’s so grown up now.

Although, now he can use it for an excuse for other things…

Please take out the garbage…just one more row.

Please make your bed…just one more row.

Please put away your laundry…just one more row. Which will REALLY become a problem if he ever makes a horizontal scarf with 300 bazillion stitches. :wink:

That is neat, Femmy! It means he was really enjoying it! You done good! :wink:

I am kvelling from afar… another male knitter. :smiley:

Mother-approved procrastination! What more could a kid want? :lol:

That is so cute!! What is he making?

That’s so great that y’all can share that! I love to see guys getting into crafts also. Last week I ran into a male coworker I don’t often see, and he had a girl’s poncho on four DPNs, and it looked good! I complimented him on it, and he said it’s for his 10-year-old daughter.

That is so cute!!! :cheering: Good on you for teaching him. I’ve been contemplating teaching my 5 year old but I’m not sure he’d catch on just yet. So I’ve been focussing on teaching DH instead. LOL

pats feministmama on the back

Well done! It’s so cool you have something you can do together.

Congrats, FemMama! My son is learning to knit, too, and it’s wonderful to see other boys knitting. It’s fabulous for their handwriting and hand/eye coordination.

Today I was in a LYS and a couple walked in. The lady was hugely pregnant, and the guy was poking around the store. Turns out, HE’S the knitter! It was so cool. He even tried a hat on my little girl to check out the fit. We talked about soakers, longies and cloth diapering. The saleslady was fascinated. It was great.


OOOH! What’s KVELLING?!?! I wanna do that, too!

GREAT job, Femmy! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

awww how cute. i asked my son if he wanted me to teach him to knit and you would have thought i asked him to kiss a frog!!!

How lucky you are! I’ve tried to convince my 12 year old daughter to knit but she says it’s “too girly”. :? So I taught a couple of my daycare children to knit. One of them got so into it I gave him needles, yarn and a knitting book for xmas. His dad wasn’t real pleased but the boy’s mom told the dad to keep his mouth shut about it. I was like :cheering:.

I truly love that child. Good going FM

OOOH! What’s KVELLING?!?! I wanna do that, too!

GREAT job, Femmy! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:[/quote]

Kvelling is something we do here all the time- its a Yiddish word for having great happiness and pride in someone else’s accomplishments. :smiley:

(I kvelled at your becoming an admin.)

I got goosebumps!

I got goosebumps!

great Femmy!! :happydance:

Love it!