Woot! my kp order is here!

just had to share. i ordered crayon while it’s on clearance:
buttermilk, periwinkle and light blue.
plain vanilla pullover (download)
extra size 4 tips for my options. :heart:
the chart keeper.

it’s the chart keeper i want to rave about. it folds into a neat, tidy flat folder (for lack of a better word) with a magnetic strap to hold it closed. you open it and snap the strap backwards and that makes it a tent that can sit on your knee. there are two longer magnetic strips and two itty bitty strips to place on your chart. you move them along each row of your chart as you go. once you are done knitting for that session, fold it up, the magnets stay in place on your chart. open it back up again and you know EXACTLY where you were when you stopped. :inlove:

sorry, i’m just so pleased with my purchases from there. actually, i always am, but today, i’m uber-excited!:cheering:

Yes, Knitpicks is great! I have the chart keeper and I love it, too.

What is a chart keeper used for??:shock:

It’s like a little easle that you can attatch charts for your patterns to using magnets and then another magnets to keep track of the row/round you’re on. Then, it folds up for you to carry in your knitting bag.

I’ve been eyeballing that chart keeper. It seems like it would be great, but I thought that I should until I’m actually making patterns that have charts before I bought it.

You can also just use it as a pattern keeper, and not fold it back, but just lay it flat, then you can keep track with the magnets and still fold it up nicely.

I’m intrigued by the chart keeper, I’ll have to check it out. I’m making a shawl right now, and it increases row by row, and I’m wondering what I’ll do when I get to the top of the chart. Sticky notes just aren’t cutting it!

:lol: Now that makes sense…That will be on top of my list of things to get when I move onto a large pattern. Thanks!

it’s really affordable too. i just looooooooooooove knitpicks.

I just got a chart keeper, too, and I adore it! I wish I’d gotten it ages ago.

I also got some of their lace blocking wires, which I’m anxious to try out. Just as soon as this shawl is off the needles. . .