:muah: [B][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“SeaGreen”]i used to come here all the time for knitting when i was in my knitting phaze… and than i decided i was better at crochet and i kinda fizzled away… and i missed you guys so i signed up again a week ago (my old account was gone)… and im just so happy to see a crochet section swoon hehe[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]:muah:

The scarf is really nice and the wearer is real cute!! Welcome back!!:woohoo:

Welcome back :slight_smile: Your scarf is beautiful !!

Nice scarf, and agree that model is quite the looker as well!
How long were you gone that your account was deleted? Just curious… welcome back!!

welcome back:muah: … I have been gone for a while too… nice to know I am not the "wayward crocheter’ anymore~