WOOOHOOO conquered kitchener stitch

My first pair of socks I had no clue about how to bind off socks and tried my hand at 3 needle bind off.
Then I took a sock knitting class and would you believe she ended the class without teaching us kitchener stitch so I tried my best with videos and my sock book but I was still doing something wrong.

I was able to get away from the house for a few minutes today and got the wonderful, fabulous, owner of my new LYS to watch and teach me and I am sooo proud that my hubby’s sock is seam free and beautiful !!!

That’s great, now on with the next pair :wink:


:woot: Awesomeness!!!

Prepare for a sock addiction to start. It’s inevitable.:thumbsup:

Yay for you! :thumbsup:

It’s one of those knitbulb moments! Congrats on learning the stitch:yay: . It took me about a year and one day it finally just clicked and I didn’t have to lock myself in a room and read the directions outloud.:wink:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]That’s great! Congratulations!

Yay! I love it- but I still have to talk to myself while I am doing it… (purl off knit, knit off purl…)

What! That’s really a bummer, but at least she was kind enough to show you later.