Wooo snake shed!

I’ve had my little cutie corn snake Ash since November, and, although he’s shed a lot (once tying himself in a knot on top of his cave), I’ve never seen it before.

But tonight, we were in the kitchen making fimo things and he was out exploring his box, as he often does - but I knew he was due a shed cause his eyes went blue a couple of days ago - and I saw him headbutting his cave, then arching himself at it. So I called Elana over and we watched as he shed - it was incredible! I’m so excited grin Watching a brand new shiny snake come out of this ghost snake was amazing.

Woo :slight_smile:

wOw. lucky you. with all the snakes my dad’s had, i have yet to see that.

that is fascinating! my daughter got to hold a corn snake at a nature theme birthday party and she thought it was so cool. I think nature is so amazing- all the interesting things that happen!

as frightened as i am of snakes
i would love to have seen this

I love watching our snake do all sorts of things, but I think the most fascinating was to watch her drink water. I had never seen a snake drink before!

That is so cool! I’ve only ever seen it on TV. I used to find the skins in the woods when I was a kid. It has always amazed me that it all pretty much comes off in one whole piece. I have always liked snakes, but I don’t think I could handle the feeding part. My uncle used to have a snake, and I remember one summer visiting he fed it a mouse or something… that was not so fun to hear it squealing. But I digress… Congrats on the shed!! :woot:

My husband has a large collection of snakes and other animals. I have never seen any of the snakes shedding, but he always brings the shed skin to show me, one of his boa’s shed the other day, she is over 5 foot.

I’ve had snakes off and on various times over the years and I love watching them shed.

We have a little hog nose at the moment and its spiffy cool. :slight_smile:

It is incredible to watch - how their whole body seems to be involved in it!

Current wisdom (happily) is that you shouldn’t feed live prey to a tame snake - they can get seriously hurt in the fight. I keep frozen pinkies (baby mice) and defrost them when he needs fed. I actually think it’ll be easier for me when I’m feeding him full-size mice, cause the babies just upset me. When I first got him it was that part I was worried about because I hated the idea of it - I did a lot of research though and they’re the only things that give him the nutrients he needs - so I have less of a problem with it. But the first couple I got my friend to come help me with. Being me, I always say a quiet ‘thank you’ to the mice for their sacrifice.

I dont watch the bigger snakes feed, since it takes bigger, mice/rats for them and I dont want to see the rodents, alive (we have some snakes that only eat fresh food,lol ) or frozen.

Thought you guys might like to see him :wink:

I have 2 Ball Pythons
as hot an humid as the weather has been, and they still have fragmented sheds
its hard to keep the humidity up enough to get a nice clean shed
but I wish i had seen yours shed live, that would have been GREAT to see


i l:heart:ve hog noses! they’re just so cute.

willowangel, when my dad was a science teacher the first time arround (he just went back into the classroom), he had snakes and lizards and even a few frogs [I]all over[/I] his classroom. oh the stories… :yay: he was lucky enough to be able to procure frozen pinkies and full-growns from the local state college. he would thaw the frozens on his overhead projector. imagine his new students who looked up at the screen and saw strange shadows being projected. :roflhard:

your little guy is looking awfully gorgeous in his spiffy “new” skin! :inlove: