Wooly Embellishments - 2 Old Bags Pattern - Help!

I’ve been struggling with these patterns for felted flowers for almost a month and I am about to throw the whole thing out the window! I am having no luck in creating anything like the picture of the finished flowers that appeared on the back page of the recent Patternworks catalogue. Mine end up too large and with visable lines where parts of the flower connect. The rose is a total loose - mine are too cumbersome and are larger and clumsier than the pictures…

Has anyone worked with these felted flowers… any helpful ideas? All over the Web people are talking about this pattern and the flowers, but I can’t find any info or pictures of finished flowers knitted by real people.


Karen W.

Hi karen, U are having all of these problems after having bought the pattterns for these cute felted flowers from Patternworks? This is very good info to have bc I have the same catalog & thought the flowers too, too cute & I was thinking about buying the pattern, but if this is the case…u may very well have changed my mind!! Have u called the company to ask for assistance? That would be my suggestion at this point

If you have already tried felting and re-felting, I would agree with Rebecca.