Wool Yarns and such

Greetings all! I’ve missed logging on and reading all the posts, but will Fall and cooler weather around the corner, knitting is becoming even more attractive a thing to do!

I’ve a little bit of a collection of color cards for some mid-priced wool and wool blend yarns, and had made out a list to order with some B’day money . . . does anyone else get frustrated at not finding one on-line store that carries all the yarn you want? I’m not talking boutique yarns, but say, a store that carries Plymouth yarns AND Cascade yarns AND Brown Sheep yarns. I don’t know how many hours I spent checking different sites, prices, etc. When I found a site that had two of those three, their color selection was pretty limited for one or the other brand.

I finally chose one brand and line, Plymouth Galway (which I have NEVER used before) and ordered from a site with reasonable prices called Royal Yarns. Has anyone ever dealt with them? I’m hoping the backordered colors don’t take forever. I’ll be making two scarves and a hat. Any thoughts re: Galway would be appreciated, even though it’s already ordered!

Also, does anyone know why the Cascade 220 color card is upwards of $30, while most other cards, like the Plymouth yarns, are in the neighborhood of $5?

Thanks for letting me ramble! Hoping to post some photos of 3 works in progress soon!

I understand your frustration completely! I want all the yarn that I want in all the colors at one place (that hopefully does free shipping after $X!) I have no idea why the Cascade is so expensive other than it does have a LOT of colors on it and it covers a wider range than some other companies. It also looks like you get a bit more “yardage” than other sample cards. Most give you a 2" strip or so and there are only 12 colors or so. Or as my mother used to say, “they love their colors so much they don’t want to get rid of them” (IOW price it so high no one will buy it).

Thanks for the post! Yes, I would MUCH rather spend money on yarn than on shipping from 3, or more, different sources of yarn!!!

As far as the Cascade goes, I wondered about that – the number of colors they offer – but have purchased a color card for Encore with three panels full of colors, heathers, “colorspun”(s), etc. for very little $$, so . . .
I understand companies not wanting to lose money on color cards, but not having theirs was the very reason I didn’t order their yarn. When looking for subtle shades to mix and match, I just WON’T trust a computer monitor!