Wool Yarn CHEAP!

I just found some 100% Wool yarn on sale!

It’s superwash, so it should be good for socks. I don’t think it would felt.

Thanks for sharing! How many skeins should I buy :thinking:

I’m with you. How many? Decisions, decisions.

Thanks for the heads up. What a bargain!!


Wow, thats a great deal. Does it only come in orange though???

That’s funny! We must have already wiped out the other colors! This morning, there was blue and pink in there too. :lol:

Aww, I guess Im just not quick enough!!!

You could always buy the orange and dye it red or maroon.

Does that look like Blaze (Hunter) Orange to you? My dh wants a new hat and mittens for hunting, but I can’t tell if that is bright enough to be considered Hunter Orange. What do you think?

Well, personally I don’t think it would work as Blaze, but I don’t have it here in front of me to verify. The photo makes it look like kind of a “rust”, doesn’t it?

It looks pretty bright on my monitor here at work, but it’s probably more of a darker color. I couldn’t find reference to it anywhere else on the web, to see if I could tell what shade of orange it is.

Wouldn’t that beats the purpose of buying it cheap?

Wouldn’t that beats the purpose of buying it cheap?[/quote]

Not to me! It would be FUN!!! :roflhard:

Yeah, maybe I’ll get some and if it’s too dark, I’ll just overdye it. OK, you talked me into it. And since I’ll be ordering anyway, I’ll have to add at least one of Suzanne’s Ebony circular needles to the order.

Oh no! :shock:

Now I’m officially a “yarn enabler”! :shifty:

I made my BIL a hunting cap and I used Plymouth Encore. It came in a blaze orange. Just an FYI.