Wool & wool blends?


I’ve received some donations of wool and wool blend yarns and I don’t know what to do with them. They are absolutely beautiful! But since most of them say they need to be hand washed & all say they can’t be dried in the dryer, I don’t think they’d be good for binkies (blankets) for foster children. What else could I make out of them and still use them for my charity, Central Ohio Binky Patrol? I’m a pretty new knitter so it should be something easy! Thanks!!


Hats. My double knit wool hat is the warmest hat I’ve ever owned. Single knit should be plenty.


Also, scarves, mitts, toques etc

Maybe a felted hat? Once felted they probably wouldn’t get tossed in the wash again. Otherwise it is a risk. :shrug:

BTW…I deleted the duplicate post. It’s not necessary to cross post. :wink: