Wool Winder

Hi there!
I recently purchased a wool winder. Mine is the plastic type that you hook to a table top. I thought that I’d be able to take a full skein of yarn and wind it into a ball but as it turns out I’m having to cut the yarn off and wind one skein into 2 balls. Am I’m doing somthing wrong??
Also do many of you long time knitters use this tool?

Not at all. There’s only so big a ball you can wind and when you reach a certain threshold, you are forced to snip. This is probably a bigger problem with lofty and bulky yarns. I rarely have to do this, but if you have a large hank or skein of yarn you are winding, you may need to clip.

You should check out Amy’s tutorial on joining yarn if you are working with wool. You’ll be able to get that yarn back together with no problem once you start knitting it.