Wool weights and typical usage

I am kind of confused by the descriptions given to wools for their thickness and I’m trying to figure out what you would usually use them for. I know the following weights, but what would you make with them?
Lace weight (lace?)
Finger weight - socks?
DK weight - double stranding sweaters?
Worsted weight - sweaters?
Sport weight - hats?
Bulky weight -???

I know I should go to my LYS and spend time fondling and get the thickness into my head, but I just can’t seem to know what I should be using for stuff.

Sport weight is between fingering and DK, but otherwise, you’ve got the general idea.

Yes, the way you have them listed is the most common, but really, there are no hard and fast rules. People use different weights for all projects. I’ve seen patterns with socks in DK and worsted, sweaters and hats in everything from fingering to bulky, and lace in fingering weight to name but a few.

You can use sport weight too, for heavier socks. Any weight for lacey things. Lace weight doubled for socks, armwarmers, scarves or shawls. The possibilities are endless!