Wool Wash

So waht’s a good wash that leaves yer wool smelling mmmmmmgood? Whenever I wash my wool it ususally smells like a smelly old sheep. I want to start wahsing my wool in something that will make me say mmmmm. Is there a good one for putting in the wwashing machine for felting too?

Dr. Bronner’s!

Great topic, Femi! I’ve been wondering the same thing!
I’ve never heard of Dr. Bronner’s, it looks very interesting! I need to settle on an all around gentle washable, too, so I’m very interested to see the consensus!

It is really weird how much I LOVE the smell of the wet wool isn’t it? lol I get a little giddy about the fact that it smells like work has been accomplished in my house. :wink: i am liking the look of those soaps for other things around the house though. Zip have you used any of them? Like does the baby stuff smell like yummy baby soaps? :slight_smile:

The only one I haven’t tried is the baby soap. Must remedy that. I am lucky enough to have access to a case or two at Christmas. It’s for real.

The labels are legend! DILUTE! DILUTE! OK! :rofl:

I know what you mean, brendajos, about the smell of work. That’s how I feel about using Murphy Oil Soap. It makes opening the pantry a pleasure.

I never thought to use Dr. Bronner’s; I really like it as bath/bubble soap!
Almond and Lavender are wonderful and the Peppermint is really a “clean” scent - not sugary - does that make sense? :??

I haven’t used Dr. Bronner’s in years! I never thought to use it for wool wash also. I really need to pick up more. The peppermint is such a good wake-me-up body wash. The bottle is also good reading in the shower! haha

I’ve used Soak, and it smells quite nice…

I’ve never used Dr. Bronner’s as a body wash, but if y’all can do it, I can do it.

I washed some wool that I was Kool-Aid dyeing in the eucalyptus hemp soap, and it still smelled wonderfully clean weeks later after I’d handled it during knitting - it never picked up the Kool-Aid fruity scent as I expected that it would. The lavender soap smells really nice for laundry as well.

I’ve never heard of Dr. Bronner before. Am I correct that any of his liquid soaps will do for washing wool and that the difference is just in the scent?

I haven’t used it for wool yet, but I have used baby soap and figure it would would the same, but with a much better smell. In fact I’m supposed to leaving right now to buy some Dr. Bronner’s, due to this thread.

I love the [B][SIZE=3]London for Men [/SIZE][/B]scent - Wool Wash :thumbsup:

It kinda smacked me in the head when I was dyeing some wool. The instructions stated to wash it first, and I had no Eucalan. Dish detergent is reputed to be too strong, and I suddenly remembered that I had a case of Dr. Bronner’s in the garage. :doh:

Yes, not sugary makes perfect sense. It smells clean rather than perfumed.

What is Eucalan? I’m totally ignorant here. I thought Woolite was what I should use until I read this thread.

Eucalan especially the lavendar.

ack! not woolite! i have tried eucalan and actually prefer kookaburra. it has a faint tea tree smell that is not medicinal at all. just fresh.

eta: it can also be used in the washing machine and is no-rinse if you hand wash.

I’ve just checked out the Kookaburra site and plan to order some today. Do you prefer the one with or without lanolin? I’m also planning to use it on bedsheets due to its dust mite -killing abilities.

for fibers, i would prefer the lanolin. for linens, i would say probably i would want the one without.

Sudz N Dudz

Love their stuff! and all sorts of yummy scents!

Can you use febreeze on wool?