Wool vs Cotton/Acrylic mix - how do I adjust the pattern sizewise?

I LOVE knitting Aran jumpers, partly because 1. I have to concentrate (have a short attention span) 2. like challenges 3. have moved to England from warm sunny South Africa (nearly froze to death this last winter) 4. need something to do in the evenings as I am a live-in-carer.

I am very allergic to wool and have been knitting like crazy with Acrylic - 6 jumpers later.

Have just purchased some (discontinued) Patons Washed Haze Aran 50% Acrylic, 50% Cotton) & need help to work out what size I should adjust the pattern to given the lack of stretch. I usually make size 91/97 (36/38). Should I go one size up?

Ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated. TIA :??

With a cotton acrylic mix, the yarn probably will be fine, and act like wool. Knit up a good size sample, about 6x6", wash and dry it like you expect to do for the sweater (by hand or machine) then hang it when it’s dry. Measure the gauge before and after and that should tell you how the sweater will behave.