Wool Tricot Yarn OK for Felting? Help ASAP!

YIKES! I have an eBay auction going off in a few hours and somebody asked if this yarn is okay for felting. My only try at felting was a disaster, so I don’t know how to answer. Can anybody help ASAP?

IANAF (I Am Not A Felter) but… It’s 100% wool. What are the washing instructions? Handwash only?? That would imply it’ll felt in a machine. It looks kind of fuzzy/boucle-y, which would help it felt together…

And lastly, she’s getting 1000 yds for what, $5? $10? And it’s wool? Tell her you’ve never tried felting it but she can try if she likes.

My guess would be yes since it’s 100% wool. Check the label to make sure that it says to hand wash. That would convince me that it’s feltable.

LOL! The label is in French. I don’t recognize anything that looks like washing instructions, but it does say 100% “virgin” wool. Would that make any difference?

What does ‘virgin wool’ mean, exactly? Never been felted?:rofl:

There might be a symbol with a hand in a tub of water which would mean hand wash.

I think I’d trust it to felt.