Wool that becomes thinner...?

Hi there!

I’ve just started knitting and I am faced with a problem which i do not know how to solve…

You see, I am knitting a scarf now and I am using a 12 Ply 100% wool. The ball of wool started off really nice and thick but towards the end of the ball, i found that the wool becomes thinner and goes back to being thick again. (I hope i am not confusing you). Is this normal? And what should i do? Should i just cut the wool where the thin part is and use only the thick part of the wool ???

Please help!!


NOOOO Do not cut the yarn. I have lots of hand spun wool that is like that. I have made hats, scarves, ear warmers and a felted bag from it and they all turned out beautiful - IMHO : )

What are you knitting that you don’t like the variations in the yarn?

If the thin parts occur througout the wool, I’d continue to use it. If it’s just an occasional spot, then I’d cut it out.

Some yarns are thick and thin on purpose, so check the rest of it before you go cutting out that spot.


I am knitting a basic scarf. Earlier on in the knitting i have used some parts of the thin wool and that portion looks kind of loose and holey, thus not looking as nice :frowning:

Wouldn’t the effect of the knitting be inconsistent, i.e some parts are loose and some parts nicely knit if we use thick and thin wool?

Well, so far I have only seen 3 portions of the wool being thin, the rest are all thick and nice …


I think it actually adds a cool texture as long as you don’t mess with your tension as you are knitting.