Wool tangling

Hi I.m knitting a baby cardigan in two colours at the same time in every row, it’s slow going as I keep getting the wool twisted, you have to twist the yarn to stop a hole forming, any suggestions to help would be appreciated

Twisting is inevitable to some extent when you use two colors. You can minimize it though. When you turn your work make sure the direction you turn it untwists. Sometimes keeping one skein on each side of you helps to keep them separated.

I have the same problem too. I try to ignore it for as long as I can but then give into untwisting. I did discover a quick untwisting trick though - when you have finished a row and are back on one needle, let go of the needle and pick up one piece of wool in each hand, pull each piece (skein) away from each other so that it is taught and the needle turns and untwists. Much easier than untwisting the wool itself.