Wool Sweater

I found a beautiful NEW wool pullover sweater today in a thrift store. It was a dark medium heatered moss green on the bottom 2/3’s and the top and sleeves were a heathered greenish earthy brown and between these two there was a band of natural cream.
I just new I had found some quality yarn to recycle.

Wouldn’t you know it, the seams were serged! :tap: :grrr:

Got to hate it when your best laid plans go awry that way. <grrr>

Ugh! Yeah, that’s frustrating!!!

I found a sweater at a Goodwill a month or so ago that I’m positive was hand knit. There were no tags, and I recognized the seaming as that used by hand knitters. I was sorely tempted to buy it–except I had no idea whether it was wool or acrylic yarn!!

If you couldn’t tell what it was, then I would guess that it was acrylic or a blend of the two. There are some great acrylic yarn blends out there that can fool you.

The one I was looking at was no mistakening it. It looked, felt, and smelled like wool. Clean wool, not stinky, and was somewhat scratchy. Plus the label said 100% wool. That always gives it away.:slight_smile: