Wool substitute

Hello everyone!

I’m new to this site, have had some interesting reading and picked up some good tips!

I’m just taking up knitting again after quite a few years and wish to knit a sweater for my granddaughter, but the pattern is one I knitted for my daugher many years ago. The wool is Patons 7-ply Brushed Caressa, but I believe it is now 8-ply. The shops in my area don’t have Caressa, and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what wool I could substitute it with.

I’d like a soft wool like the Caressa, and would be most grateful if someone can help.

What gauge does the pattern call for? That will help a lot. :slight_smile:

The pattern states "13 sts to 109cm (43 inches) in width over stocking stitch using yarn double."That sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

The sweater is knitted using two strands of wool - there are two colours knitted together, so I guess it would basically be 14 ply.

Does this help any?[/b]

The ply of the yarn is not the important part. Pay attention to the weight of the yarn. Two 4 ply yarns can both have very different gauges and sizes depending on the thickness of the the plies.

This yarn is worsted weigth and is 8 ply

This is a bulky weight yarn that is a single ply

Try to match weight and gauge, plus fiber content for the best substitute.

Sorry, I think the pattern has a misprint - the tension (gauge) should be “13 sts to 10 cm in width over stocking stich using yarn double” - not 109 cm as I quoted previously.

Thanks for your help.

With that gauge, and two strands knitted together, I’d say that you could use two strands of any worsted weight yarn.

Thanks so much, Ingrid - I’ll have a go!