Wool Pilling

I recently made some wrist warmers with a nice 100% wool yarn (don’t remember the brand). I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, and they’re really starting to pill badly. Is there anything I can do? Will washing them make a difference?

General rule of thumb (pun intended): the softer the wool and the more loosely it’s spun, the more it pills. That’s because the shorter fibers aren’t caught up in the twist and work their way loose. Those are the pills. Washing won’t help much. Pick off the pills when you see them, or use a sweater shaver (carefully). Eventually the short fibers will all work loose and the pilling should stop.

You can also get a sweater stone, which I like better than a sweater shaver because it doesn’t make me as paranoid about damaging the fabric.

Thank you! I think I’ll try the Sweater Stone.