Wool pattern calls for vs what I can afford: input?

I bought a wonderful Julie Hoover pattern, that I LONG to knit. However, it calls for Cascade Yarns ‘Eco Cloud’, and Downunder that costs far too much for an oldie living on the age pension.
So: I’m considering using, instead, a local 10-ply aran from our Bendigo Woollen Mills; and this is what is says about itself:
"‘Luxury’: 100% Pure New Wool: Machine Washable
The fine micron wool fibre used for this yarn gives it an exquisitely soft handle - the most luxurious pure wool yarn available in Australia.
You can knit this soft wool using most of your favourite 8 or 10 ply patterns"
The Eco Cloud’s gauge is 18 sts to 10cm, and the Luxury’s 19 sts to 10 cm: so the input I need from experts is - what effect will the difference have on the pattern, over-all (please!)?

Sorry, all - forget it!
I thought my earlier effort at posting this had made is disappear: but there it was!
I have some input, so no-one else need trouble 'emselves.
Thanks anyway!

I hope you decided that the Bendigo yarn will work, because it looks like a good choice! :slight_smile: The Cascade Eco wool is pricey, even in the States; I shudder to imagine what it costs in Australia or New Zealand… :shock: