Wool Of The Andes?

I am getting ready to order some yarn for my very first sweater attempt. I am looking at ordering from Knit Picks as they have a clearance sale right now.

I am looking at the Wool of the Andes yarn. At $1.99 per 50g ball I can afford to buy enough for a sweater. But I’m not familiar with this yarn so wanted to find out if anyone has used it and can tell me anything about it?

I made my DH a cardigan with it. He really likes the sweater, but it does tend to pile. I liked working with the fiber.

I am working on a top down raglan cardigan out of the yarn right now and have used it a lot in the past. It has a nice smooth texture with a slight sheen.:sun: Ellie

It pills like crazy. Here’s a thread that Amy posted about her sweater made with it.


I’ve only used it for felting, and I don’t think it’s soft enough that I would want a sweater made out of it.

Thanks for the input. I went ahead and ordered it. I figure for that price it should be fine for a first sweater attempt. If it pills it pills, I can always shave it :rofl:

For a first sweater, with real wool at a really cheap price, WOTA can’t be beat. :thumbsup:

Yeah that’s kinda what I am thinking. Thanks.

I am not sure that I would use that yarn for anything I intended to machine wash, for obvious reasons. But for a first sweater, and at those prices??? gosh go for it! And PLEASE post us pics!:yay:

I think that’s a good choice, for the first sweater foray! What color did you order? Do you have a pattern in mind, or are you wingin’ it?

good luck! Sweaters are fun!

I ordered the Sapphire Heather colorway. I thought it would make a decent sweater color.

This is the pattern I am looking at attempting. http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/ben/ben.html

Nice sweater pattern, Mason, and I love the color.

My experience with WOTA was such that I’ll not work with it again, hope you get a better lot.

I used that color for a bag…it’s lovely. It has some pretty undertones to it…I think it’ll make your eyes sparkle.

I personally like working this yarn. It’s not malabrigo…but it’s softer than people give it credit for. It feels like the wool from an old aran sweater.

That’s a great looking pattern and it looks like you’re going to have a lot of fun with it. I’m sure it will look amazing when you’re done. Go for it Mason.

SHAVE??? From the looks of your avatar I’m not sure you KNOW how to shave:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I just made this sweater for my boyfriend and it was really fun to knit. I love cables so it was right up my alley. I think it will be really nice in the color you chose, so I hope you post pictures!
Have a great time with this!


You picked a great pattern! I’m working on my first wearable too, and I’m using inexpensive yarn. First because I had it lying around and second, well, just in case I totally screw it up! :slight_smile:

I know you’ve already ordered your yarn, but have you checked the prices at www.elann.com? Very good prices and they’re very quick to ship.

Enjoy your new sweater! :thumbsup:


I am using WOTA for my mom’s sweater. I would recommend this yarn to anyone looking for a good, inexpensive (vs. cheap) worsted weight wool yarn. It is great, sturdy yarn for the price.

It may be just a tad bit splitty, but that is just my opinion as I haven’t worked with a lot of yarns.

According to the email I received from KP the yarn shipped two days ago so it should be waiting for me when I make it back home again in a few weeks. :cheering: