Wool of the Andes

Ive never used a pure wool before and was looking at knitpicks and came across 2 that are priced pretty good…atleast i think they are :shifty:

1.)Is this one Wool+of+the+Andes

Can someone tell me if this is a good yarn??Is it scratchy??Does it hold up good??

I would like to make a sweater and i want it to last.

If this isn’t a good one can you give me some advise on another good one.


I wouldn’t use Wool of the Andes for a sweater. It’s not especially soft and it pills terribly. It is great for felting.

Most merino wools are lovely, Cascade 220 is a nice wool to work with, too.

A lot depends you your price range.

I used it for 2 sweaters, and there’s a reason it’s so reasonably priced. It’s a good yarn for anything that will get a [I]reasonable [/I]amount of wear, but after I made 2 sweaters with it, I [I]thought[/I] it was my favorite staple yarn, but the first one is pilling, not overly so, but still.

A good yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride worsted and bulky, it’s a strong yarn, and it holds up to wear, if you treat it right. It shows great stitch definition, and it doesn’t really pill. It will if you rub it really hard, but who does that to a handknit sweater?

If you don’t like that, than maybe Sugarloaf. Amy used it for the Danica scarf, and she remarked on how much she liked it. Cascade 220 is good, as is Plymouth Encore, which is machine washable.

There are others, but those are the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

Thanks for the quick response…will look these up…cost is not a problem i just like to look for deals,but i want something thats going to last so if i have to pay alittle more i will.

I’m going to use it for felting because once it’s felted, it doesn’t really matter how soft the original wool was. Like the other people, I wouldn’t really use it for many garments or items that I want to be soft. It apparently felts really well though :slight_smile:

Webs www.yarn.com has some nice stuff, too. They have one called Stockbridge which is a great basic yarn–very soft, lovely to work with and not too expensive. I’ve made 2 sweaters out of it and have more for the future.

Debbie Bliss Merino Aran is wonderful stuff–so, so soft and squishy, but make sure to wash your swatch since I found it stretches a lot.

I love Rowan Tapestry, but it’s not a wear-against-the-skin type of yarn. That’s really not a big deal to me, though, since I wear all of my sweaters over a t-shirt, but. Stockbridge is nice, too. Great for cabled sweaters. Karabella Aurora 8 is great, sooo soft, but a little expensive.

Thanks Ingrid and Braden

I have decided to go with Cascade 220 this time since so many people seem to like it…

Ingrid…that place has some great prices so im going to order from them…have you had good luck with them??..I thought i could order from there and that way i could get the cascade 220 and 1 or 2 hanks of the Stockbridge to try.

Im looking forward to working with a new yarn.


FYI: Lamb’s Pride has mohair in it, so it can feel sorta scratchy. I also found that it was a little “hairy” from the mohair, so some stitch definition will be lost.

It’s delightfully soft, despite the “scratchiness” of the mohair, though.

I’ve had great luck with Webs.

As have I. They ship really fast.

Thanks…ordering tonight :happydance: cant wait.

I did use WOA for a Very Harlot Poncho last year. It has worked well, but I have only worn it about once every two weeks or so. Since there are not sleeves and underarms to rub, pilling has not been a problem. I think it would be a little scratchy for a sweater though.